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$ 1800
100x100х2 cm. Canvas, acrylic paint, waterborne paint, airbrush, brushes.
2020 year.

The artwork is dedicated to a remarkable influential wave of modern art and related movements such as Suprematism, Abstract art and Cubo-Futurism that flourished in Russia in the early 20th century, called Russian avant-garde. Calligraphy which is based on Old Slavonic letterforms emphasizes cultural identity.
Tongue twister

$ 2500
91x78х2 cm. Plywood, acrylic paint, brushes, markers..
2018 year.

The artwork is dedicated to Russian tongue twister as a unique phenomenon in the culture of language. The famous tongue twister written in the artwork says: "На дворе трава, на траве дрова, не руби дрова на траве двора" (meaning "There is a grass in the yard, there is a firewood in the grass, don't chop the firewood on the grass of the yard." The tongue twister is pronounced as "Na dvore trava, na trave drova, ne rubi drova na trave dvora"). The tongue twister is repeated several times because we can't spell the tongue twister at a first attempt without any interruption. The center of the artwork is distortion which symbolizes the interruption when we get tongue-tied and spelling is distorted. The artwork which is based on Old Slavonic letterforms emphasizes its cultural identity.